Transform users into productive
  members of your staff


What is Firm-centric Instructional Design?

Firm-centric instructional design:
  • Begins with the best practices of your firm
     ...not falling back on generic business processes of the industry
  • Identifies the right mix of instructional strategies for your firm
     ...not just relying on the "method du jour"
  • Aligns learning objectives with the business goals of your firm
     ...not the business goals of the vendor
  • Helps you realize the benefits of your firm's technology

What is User-centric Documentation?

User-centric documentation:
  • Focuses on what users do
     ...not what the software does
  • Provides what users need to learn
     ...not what trainers want to teach
  • Reflects where users are today
     ...not where they were ten years ago
  • Translates software features into user productivity