Whether you're upgrading now or in the future, get off to a SmartStart.


SmartStart for Office 2013

  • Learn what's new in Office 2013
  • Develop your training and documentation strategies

Strategy and Instructional Design

  • Analyze business processes and capture best practices
  • Identify the right learning objectives to support performance improvement
  • Determine the logical sequence of content to maximize retention and learning
  • Select appropriate media, looking for original ways to engage end-users
  • Create an overall training plan within client budget and project timeline
  • Present pilot training and assess its design, materials, and effectiveness

Documentation and Training

  • Write lesson plans
  • Develop end-user documentation
  • Provide training and planning services for migration project teams
  • Design and present courses for professional development of training and support staff

Supporting Services

  • Create executive briefings to promote upcoming technology changes
  • Evaluate the impact of existing training programs and training materials
  • Develop strategic plans for education/training departments